Wollastonite: Reinforcement, low thermal expansion

Wollastonite is a natural occurring calcium silicate that is formed at about 450°C. The structure of the wollastonite particles depends not only on natural conditions but also to a large extent on the preparation techniques employed. Using specific processing technologies HPF wollastonite powders with particle structures from nearly block-like with a low aspect ratio (LAR) to exceptional acicular structures with a high aspect ratio (HAR) can be produced.

TREMIN® 939-products: acicular particles (aspect ratio 8:1) HAR
TREMIN® 283-products: granular particles (aspect ratio 3:1) LAR


  • hardness 4.5 (Mohs)

  • density 2.85 g/cm³

  • low thermal expansion: 7*10-6/K (at T 20-300°C)

  • excellent reinforcing properties

Key applications:

  • engineering technical plastics (PA, PA, PU etc.) for the automotive industry

  • fluoro elastomer e.g. for oil sealings

  • powder coatings

  • friction linings

  • corrosion protection (i.e. EP/PUR aqueous systems)

High Performance Fillers based on wollastonite:

TREMIN® 283 / TREMIN® 939