Especially in the field of dental products, the raw materials of HPF Minerals play an important role due to their consistently high quality. In the case of the silicones for dental impression compositions, the cristobalite-based types SIKRON® SF 3000, 6000 and 8000 or their surface-treated variants SILBOND® are preferably used. The suitable fillers allow a very high filling degree with an acceptable viscosity of the molding compounds. As a result, the greatest possible precision of the impression can be achieved by minimizing the shrinkage.

The very white cristobalite enables an excellent dyeability and the desired elasticity or Shore hardness of the impression compound.

Perfect raw material quality

Silicone polymers filled with SIKRON® and SILBOND® can be characterized by the following properties:

  • Adjustable elasticity and Shore hardness

  • Adaptable thermal expansion

  • Excellent dyeability

  • Reduced shrinkage

A new class of fillers for dental composites

Resin based composites are more esthetic and are more widely used compared to traditional materials such as amalgam. Another advantage is that composites can be produced in a wide range of life-like shades and are almost invisible on restored teeth. Furthermore dental composites reinforce the natural teeth as they bond very well to the tooth surface.

MICROSPAR® products show good physical properties such as flexural strength and hardness and the following benefits:

  • Good curing depth

  • Low linear shrinkage

  • Excellent processability even at high filler loadings

  • High transparency

  • Easy to smooth and polish

Please benefit from our high-quality raw material and talk to us. We look forward to advising you on your application.