Pharmakaolin B 860 in pharma applications

In the field of pharmaceutical applications, a consistently high product quality is particularly important. Our Pharmakaolin B 860 is a high-white clay that meets all requirements of the Phamacopoea Europaea for "kaolin, heavy / kaolinum ponderosum" for external and internal applications. This requirement profile is checked and assured for each batch by an external laboratory. Pharmakaolin B 860 is characterized by a very high content of kaolinite, with all the advantages of this natural mineral. Thus, Pharmakaolin B 860 is an appreciated and proven raw material in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of pastes, tablets, powders and ointments.


  • white

  • odorless

  • insoluble in water and organic solvents

  • easy to disperse in water

  • high binding capacity for liquids

  • not hygroskopic

Shelf life of Pharmakaolin B 860

The shelf life of Pharmakaolin B 860 is virtually unlimited, provided it is kept dry in undamaged original packaging. This applies for all properties listed on our certificate of analysis according to Ph.Eur. – except “microbial impurities”. Nevertheless our experience so far has shown that in the case of dry, dark storage at temperatures of around 20 °C and sealed original packaging, the microbiological values stay for at least 3 years within the monograph "Kaolin, heavy" of Ph.Eur.


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