Mica: high thermal stability

Mica is a natural phyllosilicate which features a pronounced plate-like structure. There are different types of mica. For industrial purposes the bright muscovite and the dark phlogopite are preferred. Both minerals have to pass extensive preparation processes such as crushing and separation with hydrocyclones and floatation. Finally they are dried and milled.


  • hardness 2.5 (Mohs)

  • density 2.85 g/cm³

  • platelet particles

  • high aspect ratio (1:30)

  • high thermal stability

  • low oil absorption

Key applications

  • engineering thermoplastic polymers as PA for large, dimensional- and thermal stable parts for the automotive industry

  • silicate paints

  • cracking prevention in dispersion paints and plasters

  • anti-corrosive coatings

  • matting agents for powder coatings

  • decorative effects

  • decorative cosmetics

High Performance Fillers based on mica: