Cristobalite: dazzling white

Cristobalite is a high temperature modification of silica. In contrast to silica cristobalite is rarely existent in nature. Therefore cristobalite is made out of pure silica by heating it up to 1.500°C. Through this calcining-process the lattice is expanded and the density is reduced to 2.35 g/cm³. The thereby generated air bubbles lead to a negative refractive index and an outstanding brightness. Like silica cristobalite is chemically inert. Products from medium grain sizes from 300 µm down to micronized powders with only 1m are available.


  • hardness 6.5 (Mohs)

  • density 2.35 g/cm³

  • high brightness (Y > 94)

  • high chemical resistance

  • low thermal expansion: 54*10-6/K (at T 20-300°C)

Key applications:

  • dispersion outdoor paints and plasters

  • engineered stone made of PMMA, UP

  • road markings

  • antiblocking-additives in PP- and PE-films

  • dental casting material

  • silicone sealants

  • precision casting

High Performance Fillers based on cristobalite: