High-performance fillers for adhesives

Our fillers for adhesive applications:

  • SILBOND® and AMOSIL® fused silica for epoxy resin adhesives for electrical applications
  • Kaolin CHINAFILL, silica flour, fused silica and surface-treated wollastonite (TREMIN® ) for industrial adhesives
  • SILATHERM® 1466 and SILATHERM® Plus are particularly suitable for thermally conductive adhesives. With thermal conductive adhesives as a thermal interface, the thermal stress during bonding can be reduced and, in addition, a permanent mechanical fixation can be achieved.
In this case our stable raw material quality is a proven factor for the achievement of long-term competitiveness and innovative results in the industrial processing of sophisticated adhesive applications. Speak to us about fillers for use in your company. It will be well worth it!