CSH applications

Sand-lime bricks and cat litter: Quality through raw materials from HPF the mineral engineers

The most well-known CSH application is lime sandstone, which is made of silica sand and lime. Lime sandstones are used in the construction industry for interior and exterior walls. They are well sound-absorbing and heat-storing. A wall made of sand-lime brick can temporarily store heat and moisture and release it later.

It is certainly more unknown, that the basic material for cat litter consists of raw materials that are produced during aerated concrete production. In the very complex manufacturing process, our high-purity fine silica flours are used. The calcium silicate hydrate rock is then broken into fine-grained granules. Due to its high absorbency, this highly porous granulate is particularly suitable for cat litter. It is not always necessary to replace the whole cat litter, but the used lots can be removed in lump form. A further advantage is the special environmental compatibility. The granules disintegrate into their natural components as a result of weathering.

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