Quarzwerke Group of Companies

For nearly 140 years, the Quarzwerke Group has maintained a tradition of excellence as a producer of mineral raw materials. As an independent family company, Quarzwerke has consistently strived to combine high-quality raw materials with a modern and efficient processing technology, always with a sustainable, ecological ambition.

The focus of Quarzwerke business is on the extraction, processing and refining of industrial minerals. Our technologically advanced production facilities and highly-trained, experienced personnel excel at satisfying our customers’ needs.

Units of varying sizes, ranging from a few millimeters down to a few hundred nanometers, can be crushed and surface modified. In particular, quartz, kaolin, feldspar, wollastonite and mica are processed for over 700 different quality products and sold in 50 countries.

Quarzwerke is a company with a strong dedication to ensuring quality, certified in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001, from extraction to delivery.


Founding of the company in Frechen, Germany


Acquisition of the site at Haltern, Germany


Central laboratory in Frechen, Germany


First surface treated fillers


Technical center with processes for new products


Acquisitions of sites in Weferlingen and Hohen-bocka, Germany


Acquisition of Amberger Kaolinwerke, Germany


Acquisition of Kaolin EAD, Bulgaria


Sales office, Seoul, South Korea


Sales office, Rivanazzano, Italy


Production Plant, Dangjin City, South Korea