SIPOR® the environmentally friendly alternative to microplastics

Microplastics are not only found in rivers, lakes, the sea or in food, but also in soils and in the air. The pollutant content on the plastic particle itself can be up to a million times higher than in the surrounding water. No telling what it might cause in aquatic life that could later serve as food for humans. It is therefore very understandable that many manufacturers of toothpaste, peelings, shower gels and shampoos have already banned microplastics as abrasives for some time. Comparable cleaning performance can be achieved by using natural SIPOR® .

Peel-off facial masks

are the magic bullet for deep pore cleansing of the facial skin. The mass dries slowly and can be gently peeled off the sensitive facial skin thanks to Pharmakaolin.

The small SIPOR® perlite beads ensure that flakes are gently loosened. Impurities are prevented and a velvety skin feeling is achieved. The skin looks revitalized and appears morevital and radiant.

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Facial powders

even out skin imperfections and redness and are designed to support a natural look throughout the day. They are primarily used to absorb excess oil. Due to the hydrophilic properties of our Pharmakaolin, a matte and natural-looking finish is achieved on the skin. The platelet-shaped particles visually conceal fine lines and pores, resulting in an even complexion.

Decorative powders are used, for example, for eye shadow or blush.Pharmakaolin is particularly suitable for the sensitive eye area. For both applications, the platelet-shaped, hydrophilic kaolin is the perfect basis for a well-covering color and perfect adhesion to the facial skin.

Soaps, shower gels and scrubs

with creamy texture for a silky luxurious foam. Pharmakaolin creates a fresh
and comfortable skin feeling. SIPOR® is particularly recommended in shower gels and scrubs as a natural alternative to microplastics.


Since our Pharmakaolin is absolutely odorless, it is ideally suited as a fragrance carrier. Due to the very good moisture absorption it has a naturally regulating effect against perspiration and bacteria.