Building Protection

By using our high-quality mineral fillers it is possible to have a targeted influence on technical parameters, such as gloss, covering power and cracking.

Interior Paint

Highest covering power with Chinafill 830
Kaolin has an extreme platelet structure. The individual thin sheets are hexagonal and soft. In addition, kaolin is distinguished by a high brightness. The very even pigment distribution leads to a high covering power of the kaolin-filled dispersion paints. The use of kaolins increases the covering power significantly as compared to the inital formulation with calcium carbonate.


Adjustment of matting effects by using silicate fillers

Matting of colors is achieved by roughening in the micro-range. This causes the incident light not to be directed, but rather to be diffusely reflected or scattered.

  • The silicate fillers have a strong matting effect, which can be controlled by way of the amount added.

  • The matting depends on the raw material and the fineness.

Exterior Paint

Excellent crack bridging
Dispersion paints tend to become more cracked, starting from a certain layer thickness. However, for facade paints, a crack-freeness of up to 900 μm layer thickness must be guaranteed. For some time, platelet-shaped fillers have been used for better crack bridging.
A filler combination of silica powder SIKRON® and long-needled wollastonite TREMIN® 939-100 USST does not exhibit any crack formation until over 1200 μm.

  • The incorporation into the dispersion is optimized by the special surface-treatment of the wollastonite.

  • A combination with feldspar also has an equally good crack bridging effect.

  • Feldspar in combination with long-needled wollastonite TREMIN® 939-100 USST exhibits even better crack bridging properties than with lamellar MICA.