Wood coatings & decorative melamine films

The filler decides about gloss or matting effects

In the field of wood coatings, parquet lacquers and laminates, many of our raw materials fulfill an important role as a High Performance Filler. They show a transparent behavior also in clear lacquer systems and offer the possibility of high filling levels without blooming. Furthermore, our fillers allow the adjustability of the gloss and guarantee a high surface hardness. The advantages of the coating filled with our High Performance Fillers are supplemented by improved abrasion and scratch resistance as well as good dispersibility.

Functional Fillers for wood coatings, parquet lacquers and laminates

  • show good transparent performance in clear coats
  • offer the possibility of a high filling degree without blooming
  • give the opportunity to adjust the gloss individually
  • cause high surface hardness
  • improve abrasion and scratch resistance
  • show a good dispersibility

Most micronized fillers are not suitable for the use in transparent coatings. To increase the scratch resistance and abundance of coatings, however the following High Performance Fillers, showing an ideal optical behavior, can be used:

  • SEPASIL® EK (white fused alumina) und TREMINEX® (nephelin syenite) for clear lacquer systems

  • SEPASIL® EK for melamine resins

  • TREFIL® 1313-600 (anhydrite) for UV- and scratch resistant clear varnishes

Only with hard fillers a high scratch resistance can be achieved


Please talk to us about the use of our fillers in your requirement and benefit from our high quality raw materials. Our specialists for High Performance Fillers will gladly answer your questions and submit a non-binding offer. It is worth it!